We believe in hiring from strength.

The hiring process can be a tedious, time-consuming effort.  And the results don't always meet expectations. Candidates with impressive resumes are not always the best fit for an organization. The best placements occur when the skills and temperament of the applicant match the demands of the position. 
At Career Buds, our clients offer great skills despite an unconventional background. 

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a source for work-ready employees to join your business?  Let Career Buds introduce you to some excellent employees. We'll show you how these candidates can benefit your company.

Career Buds clients are:


Trained with current computer skills
Knowledgeable about office protocol

Give us a call today to discuss the specific requirements of your position(s).  We'd be happy to make the hiring process run smoothly.

Looking for temporary help? 

Career Buds also provides temporary workers who can step in to bridge the gap in your staffing