Welcome to Career Buds -- where great employees blossom.

Career Buds is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to matching the skills and abilities of our clients with meaningful employment.  We are advocates and mentors for the unconventional applicant. We believe local businesses as well as our community benefit when everyone contributes.

Career Buds includes three components to achieve its mission:

  • Employment Agency -- Career Buds seeks out full time and temporary assignments for clients with mild to moderate disabilities.  Career Buds clients are work ready and able.  They can perform a variety of assignments and have experience with current computer programs.
  • Education -- Career Buds provides tutoring and training in job skills and workplace protocols.  Just as the job placement services are customized, so too are the training modules allowing clients to learn in ways that are the most effective and efficient for them.
  • Information -- Career Buds provides workshops and discussion groups so family members and friends can learn about the resources available to them.